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Red-Masked Conure

Darby (whose name was changed to protect his identity) is a Red-Masked Conure Aratinga erythrogenys. Darby is a beautiful bird who was physically abused before he came to us by his former owner and his two sons. The two boys were allowed to hit and knock his cage around, jab at him through the bars of the cage with sticks, laughing if they managed to knock him off his perch, and yell at him whenever he made a sound. A kindly neighbor who witnessed the abuse while in this home, and the inhumane situation Darby was living in, was finally able to talk the man into giving her the bird. The man no longer wanting a loud biting bird was glad to be rid of him. This very kind hearted woman did not know much about birds and tried to find him a home. She gave him to one family who thought they really wanted him, but because Darby was agressive and did bite, he wasn't what they really wanted after all. So the kind hearted woman took him back and contacted us for help. She felt Darby would be happier with someone who could understand his agressive personality and help him heal his mental wounds. She didn't feel she knew enough about birds to help him.

Despite his past, Darby is an adorable, little imp whose spirit was never broken during the ordeal he lived. The first time we saw him there was a look of hope in those beautiful eyes even though he was terrified of people. After a period of adjustment, Darby gave us a look into his past. He immitates a perfect baby's cry and there are signs at one time he was probably a much loved pet. Perhaps his first owner had a baby and did not have time for Darby, or maybe he was too noisey for a new baby, or maybe he became too jealous of the new addition. Maybe this is where he began a journey from being a cherished pet to an sad abused one.

Darby was adopoted into a very loving forever home where he is truly loved and cherised once again. Darby may still deliver a nip or two, but his new family understands him and loves him just as he is. His favorite toy has turned out to be a small Elmo doll he talks to and loves very much. He is doing so well in his home, he even allows his new birdie mom to give him a scritch or two every once in a while.

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