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Is My Bird Lonely?


Is My Bird Lonely?

Birds are indeed very social. They are flock creatures, so you (and any other household members) become their flock. Remember, birds are prey for other animals in the wild and that instinct is very much still there in our pet birds. There is always safety in numbers. If you are home all day, your bird may call out to you when you leave the room. He is probably just checking to make sure you are still around. After all, he would not want you to get lost. Answering back "I'll be right back" is not silly at all. You are just reassuring him you are still there.

If no one is home during the day, you can do a few simple things to lessen his stress of being all alone. You can leave a television set on. If he can see it, that's even better. Most birds enjoy the cartoon channel. The animal channel is off limits. After all, there may be some of those predators flying around the screen while you are gone. Even a radio will help. Even if he can't see anyone, he will hear them and that alone can be comforting. Some people get creative and make a recording of their voice to leave playing while they are gone. Your bird may even learn a word or two you have been trying to teach him this way.

Beyond comforting noises, make sure your bird has lots of entertaining toys to play with and change them often, and a large enough cage so he can get this daily exercise.

Some people believe they need another bird to keep the first one company. If you really want another bird, get one because the second bird is welcome and wanted for itself. Remember more than one bird is more work, more demand on attention, more noise and not all birds get along. Another bird should be also a buddy to you. The exception might be if you just don't have time to spend with your bird; then a second bird might, in this case, be a real comfort to your first bird.

Give your bird lots of love and attention when you are there and you will find most birds do just fine on their own when you are not around. After all, would you want to sit in a small room all day without any other sounds, nothing to do and no one to talk to?

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