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Harvey was a fun loving, beautiful little Jenday we raised. He went to a good home and lived there for about two years. One morning we received an email from his owner explaining they just didn't have the time to spend with him that they once had. Their lives were busy with careers and little Harvey was spending a lot of time alone now. Wanting to do what was best for Harvey, his owner asked us to take him back and find him a good home. So a very sweet loving gentle Harvey came back to stay with us until a permanent new home could be found.

UPDATE: One of our customers who had tragically lost her little parrot a few months earlier, was ready for another bird to help fill the terrible void in her life and help heal the pain of losing a beloved friend. She met several of our birds and there just wasn't the "connection" with any of them we felt should exist. Harvey wasn't on the active adoption list at the time, but we decided to introduce the two of them anyway. It was nothing short of love at first sight. Harvey snuggled happily up under the chin of his new chosen birdie mom and they have been inseparable ever since. Harvey has given all his love to help a broken heart heal, and there is no doubt in our minds that it was meant to be.

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