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About the Nature Chest Bird Shop

The Nature Chest Bird Shop is located at:
401 14th Street SE, Suite 8A, (in the Funland Park Skate Castle Plaza) Decatur, AL 35601
1-800-816-2324 or local (256)341-0484
You can contact us by email at info @ naturechest.com (delete the spaces)

Our Retail Bird Store is open
Tuesday through Friday from 10:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. Central Time
and after 4:00 and on Saturdays as needed by appointment

After sharing our life with birds even as a child, we have been living with birds for over 40 years. We opened The Nature Chest Bird Shop in 1996. Although we no longer have any birds available for sale in our retail store, we occasionally help a bird in need of a new home find such a home. Adoption applications can be picked up at our retail store. We do not ship any birds.

We also do gentle bird grooming by appointment.

We operate a bird safe haven, "Nature's Nest", for abused or unwanted birds as well as birds who just need a new home due to various reasons. Birds we take in are referred to us by our local avian veterinarians, local animal shelter, or other local rescue groups. Birds are veterinarian checked and whenever possible, placed into new homes. Unfortunately, many birds we take in have been physically or mentally abused and are often no longer considered by many as acceptable "pets". Some may have permanent health/disability problems or serious behavior issues. Birds such as these are kept in a permanent safe home with us. Although the birds we have taken in are not for sale through our store, there is an adoption fee to help cover the cost of veterinary care for the birds looking for new homes through adoption. If you are interested in adopting a bird in need and would like to be put on our waiting list, please contact us for further information. Please note our adoption questionnaire is very detailed and precise in information necessary to meet our criteria for adoption. To be added to our waiting list you must live within 30 minutes driving distance of our facility because home inspections are required. Come in and meet some of the birds who have come to us at "Nature's Nest".

The Nature Chest Bird Shop has been in business since 1996 and recommend the products we sell because we use them ourselves in our store and in our home for our own personal birds.

Bird Food, whether it is in the form of seed mixes, pellets, extruded foods, or combinations, is the source of life. We are always looking for new and exciting foods for birds. Our birds eat several brands of different foods and like most birds, some have their favorite foods. We carry only foods that we feel are of the best quality, and nutrition, for birds from Budgies to Macaws. Manufacturers must maintain the highest standards for their products to be available through our store. We try hard to make available a range of foods at varying prices so that all bird owners can afford to feed the best to their birds. We try to provide something for everyone, whether you are looking for organic or naturally good wholesome foods. We continually spend time checking out the latest health aids and supplements for birds. Not all health supplements are created equal, some have no actual benefit at all to our birds. We strive to research and find vitamins and health aids with proven track records and we use many of the products on our own birds, especially on some of the rescue birds we have that have permanent health issues related to their past care or lack thereof. We also ask our customers for feedback on products they use to help us stock items that really are of good use for the birds we all care for.

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