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Calculate Your Shipping Cost

How to calculate your shipping

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Shipping fees are automatically calculated by the shipper you choose and are based on the weight of your order, size of your package, and the zip code to which your order is being shipped to. To find out the shipping fees on the items you would like to order simply follow the steps below.

1. Place the item or items you want to order into your shopping basket. You will be automatically taken to the Ready to Checkout page.

2. On the checkout page look below the shopping cart to the left and you will see our "shipping calculator" with a box to enter your zip code and your state.

3. And just below the shipping calculator is a box called "Shipping Method" with a small arrow on the right side that you can click on and choose which method of shipping you would like for your order. The default shipping is UPS but you have the option of several different methods as well.

4. Lastly, simply choose the method you want to see and click the "apply to my order" button and your shipping will appear above in the checkout as part of your total.

** You may also choose different methods of shipping if you would like to compare the shipping fees. You do not need to enter any credit card information to view the shipping costs. First class mail can only be chosen if the total weight of your order which includes the item, the packing, and the box to ship in, weighs less than 13 ounces. That's not our rule, that's the United States Post Office's rule.

So that's how easy it is to figure your shipping. Put it in the basket, enter your zip code and state, choose your preferred method, and click on "apply".

Shipping fees are figured by the weight, size, address, and even the zip code of your order from point A (that's us) to point B (that's you). The larger your order, the less per pound UPS and the post office charge to ship your order to you.

You do not have to enter any credit card information for the shipping calculator to show you the different methods of shipping we offer, as well as the cost to ship the items you wish to purchase to your address.

IMPORTANT INFO for customers in HI, AK, PR, and US outlying islands - We ship USPS only to these states and territories. UPS will deliver there, but since they have to take a boat to get there by 'ground' shipping, it's usually pretty expensive. If you choose UPS we will change the method to the postal service instead. We may adjust the shipping fee you were initially shown at checkout if you chose UPS, to reflect mail services instead of UPS fees. If you choose UPS and it costs more to ship via the post office, your shipping cost will be adjusted to the correct costs which may or may not be more depending on the post office and what they actually charge to ship your order.

If your order can fit into the post office's flat rate boxes, we will do so and reduce your shipping fees accordingly it if is less than regular mail. The shipping calculator cannot know whether your order will fit into the flat rate boxes at checkout though, so your checkout will show the standard shipping fee before any reduction.

If you choose UPS shipping and you entered a post office box to ship to, your shipping will be changed as we inform you at checkout that UPS cannot deliver to a post office box. If it costs more to ship by the post office to your post office box than the UPS cost you chose at checkout, your shipping fees will be adjusted accordingly before your order is processed.

We can not and do not control the shipping prices of UPS and the US Post Office. These prices are set by the various shipping companies and the shipping costs are automatically generated from these companies when you choose the method of shipping you want at checkout.

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