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If you are seeing two separate charges on your debit or credit card, we want to assure you that we have not charged your credit card twice on our end.

When a customer places an order with us, the customer's bank issues something called an 'authorization' letting our bank know the customer has the money to pay for the order. The customer's bank puts a "temporary hold" on the amount needed for the purchase until the amount is actually charged. When the order is ready to be processed and shipped, only then does the Nature Chest actually charge a customer's debit or credit card. In a perfect world, the customer's bank should always then apply the held 'authorization money' to the actual charge. However banks some do, and some don't.

If you are seeing two separate charges on your bank's online information, then your bank did not apply the original authorization money they held when you placed your order. When we actually charged your card for your order to ship, the bank instead held the original authorized money, and placed a second separate charge on the account.

We do not charge a customer's credit or debt card when an order is placed. We only charge the customer's card after we have verified the order including billing information, in order to help prevent fraudulent use of a customer's credit or debt card.

Your bank's refusal to use the original authorization is not something we have any control over.

Your bank may have done this because the original billing or shipping information needed to be changed before your order could be processed, or this may be their policy for debit cards, or even certain credit cards.

Not all banks do this to their customers, however banks are much more likely to do this double hold & charge with debit card transactions than credit card transactions.

Here is a link that might help better explain this practice by banks.
Was Your Credit Card Charged Twice for the Same Purchase?

Most banks do drop these extra authorization holds on a customer's money within 48-72 hours, but you may want to give your bank a call and ask them how long they plan to hold your money. You might also ask them if we give them a call, will they release your funds quicker. If they will, please get a phone number and department or person we would need to contact and let us know and we will happy to contact them on your behalf to help spend up their release of your funds.

We hope this helps answer any question of why you might be seeing what looks like two charges by the Nature Chest. Again, please be assured we did not charge you twice for your order. In fact our system does not allow us to do so as it will block a duplicate charge before it can happen.

If you have any more questions please let us know.

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