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Diatomaceous Earth 7 oz.

Diatomaceous Earth is an organic Anti-Parasite Dust made from Fossilized Algae which prevents unwanted guests from climbing your birdfeeder or birdhouse post. Carefree Enzymes' Diatomaceous Earth (D.E.) is an organic and all natural feed-grade product comprised of tiny fossilized water plants called diatoms (algae). D.E. is odor-free, tasteless, and has an indefinite shelf life if kept dry.

Although Carefree Enzymes Diatomaceous Earth is natural and unprocessed, and food grade quality, it is not intended to be inhaled or ingested. It ss intended for external use only.

DIRECTIONS: For Birding: To protect birdhouses and birdbaths from unwanted parasites apply D.E. to the post and surrounding ground of your feeders and birdhouses. Simply squeeze the center of the bottle. Dust a 2-foot perimeter around the post once a month. Do Not put D.E. directly into the birdhouses or baths, our product is intended for external use around Birdhouses and baths as a protective barrier and repellent against parasites.

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