Grooming - Bathing

Bird Grooming and Baths

A well groomed bird is a well dressed bird. Proper grooming is not only very important to the look of your bird, but also to the health of your bird. Keeping nails the right length helps prevent entanglements with covers, toys, and clothing. Showers and baths not only keep those gorgeous feathers in tip-top shape, it can also add often needed humidity to your bird's environment. Extra humidity is very much needed during winter months when inside heat often dries out the air inside our homes.

Whether your bird loves a shower, spray bath, or it's own personal bathing dish, we have something just right for every bird.

Grooming also includes important nail and beak care. We carry special clippers to help keep those nails trimmed, and some very helpful perches can help keep nails and beaks in better condition. Grooming scissors come in handy for keeping those flight feathers clipped if you groom your own bird.

Anyone who grooms their own bird should always have styptic power on hand for emergencies.

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