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Parrot Recipes & Nutrition

Home cooking for our birds, so many of us do this and love coming up with great new bird recipes. Nothing beats a freshly prepared home cooked meal, and nothing beats the great creative food creations of our wonderful customers.

If you have a bird recipe that your bird really likes, we would love for you to share your favorite bird recipe with us.

Sometimes getting our birds to eat good nutritious meals can be a real challenge, but by sharing recipes, we can all have a great resource to draw from to help feeding our birds the right stuff, much easier.

And don't worry if you are someone who doesn't really like to cook, because there is sure to be a recipe for experienced cooks, as well as those who can barely boil water (or prefer not to).

Bird & Parrot Recipes

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Halloween Pumpkin Cake
Apple Pumpkin Harvest Bird Muffins
Apple Bran Muffins
Holiday Fruitcake
Bert's Blueberry Carrot Cake
Blueberry Birdie Muffins
B.T.'s Birdie Bread
Deb's Birdie Salad
Birdie Slaw
Spring or Easter Fruit Bird Bread
Fruity Pineapple Cornbread
Strawberry Coconut Valentine Cake
St. Patty's Day Bird Muffins
Ambrosia Fruit Salad
Nutrition and Food Facts

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Foods high in Calcium
Fat Content of Nuts

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