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Large Soft Puff - Colors Prints Vary-SPECIAL ORDER ALLOW 7-10 DAYS TO SHIP TOY-BEDS-PTL-PUFF$31.99

Large Soft Puff Bird Haven Pet Tent

The large size Soft Puff is recommended for the larger parrots such as Eclectus, Amazons, Greys, Cockatoos, and similar sized parrots.

Large Soft Puff Puff Style does not have the tubing inside the material, and is made of a quilted-like material which is thicker and helps to give the tent its shape. Bottom of tent is not padded, only the sides are made of the puff material.

The bottom of the Large size expands to approximately 14 or 15 inches square, and hangs approximately 16 inches.

This toy is recommended for the following size birds:
Large size for Amazons, Congo Greys, Cockatoos, etc.

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