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Stormy was a physically abused Congo African Grey. Although he was handfed and sweet when he started out in life, unfortunate events taught him not to trust people. He was physically struck and knocked off his perch one day after biting his owner. The man who owned him had begun to dislike him because he could not dominate the Grey and the bird's aggression grew along with the owner's impatience and growing hatred. Although the attack by the owner and the resulting fall resulted in an injury to the bird's leg, the owner refused to seek medical attention for the bird. The bird limped and favored the injury, but began to heal in spite of the lack of proper medical care. A breeder who knew of the situation tried in vain to get the man to take the bird to the vet. The breeder became determined to try and help the bird, and after a period of time, the breeder was able to obtain the Grey from his owner. Since the initial physical incident, the bird had become very aggressive towards all humans and returned the man's dislike in kind. By the time the bird could be rescued, the leg was of not much use to the bird. He simply dragged it along when e moved around the cage. He had also become a feather destroyer. His rescuer took him immediately to an avian veterinarian and handed the bird over with the hope the vet could save the leg.

After a very delicate surgery wherein the leg had to be actually broken for a second time so it could be set to heal properly, the Grey was allowed this time to heal properly with all the necessary medical care. Stormy's leg eventually healed enough where he could once again use the leg to aid in climbing and perching. To this day though he does have a slight stiffness and slowness in the movement of his leg at times, with it being most obvious whenever he is stressed or upset. After about a year or so of living with the Avian Vet who helped save him, Stormy came to live with us at the Nature Chest. We were informed of the horrible history of his past that would give us insight into some of his behaviors. There were many weeks after coming to us that almost daily he would say in a very deep hateful voice the following: "I hate you and hope you choke to death". Such phrases as these would bring tears to our eyes. There were other similar phrases which with time began to disappear from his speech. Unfortunately, Stormy continued to dislike and even hate most humans. Even after being with us for many years, he only tolerates touching through cage bars as if they help protect him. Occasionally he will allow a slight quick head scratch or a few seconds of foot rub through the bars of her cage and even take a treat. He still plucks feathers occasionally during hormonal seasons, and although he may never trust a human 100% again, he lives in a safe home where he will never be hit again. He also has a cage buddy, another African Grey named Toby, who Stormy loves and trusts.

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