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Although Ronnie hatched in the wild, he came into captivity as a baby. He was purchased from a pet store as soon as he was weaned by a lady who adored him for many years. Sadly his owner passed away but Ronnie continued living with a family member for several more years. When he was approximately 20 years old, his second beloved owner could no longer keep him. Family changes, and an unfortunate situation prevented Ronnie from staying with any other family member. As it sometimes happens, Ronnie had become a fully mature Yellow Nape Amazon and exhibited aggressive behaviors at people he did not particularly care for. Other members in the family were unable to handle Ronnie or were quite frankly afraid of him. His owner was referred to us and we accepted Ronnie into our flock knowing he might not be a candidate for placement. Ronnie is a big beautiful male Yellow Nape whose mature colors are vibrant and rich. He can however be a very strong willed parrot who can inflict serious injury. To our knowledge Ronnie was never abused or neglected, he is simply a big bird with an even bigger attitude most days. Ronnie was slow to settle in and accept his new people. It seemed almost as if he blamed us for the loss of his family and grudgingly tolerated our presence. With time however, he has transferred most of his aggressive behavior towards his toys and not toward the hands that feed him.

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