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Nature's Nest at the Nature Chest

Over the years we have taken in many unwanted birds as well as birds in need. We often provide a place where a bird in need can find either a safe temporary home until a permanent home can be found or a place where a bird can be in it's forever home the day it arrives.

We receive many referral birds in need through our local Avian Veterinarians, our local animal shelter or other animal welfare organization, as well as many pet owners who need to rehome their bird for various reasons.

Many of the birds we take in are simply in need of a new home. Once quarantine, health check, and evaluations for temperament and personality have been completed, we work towards placing them in a loving new forever home.

Unfortunately, sometimes a bird that comes to us is not in good health and is suffering diet-related health problems have been many times on poor diets for years prior to coming to us. Sometimes they are simply older birds with health problems related to their age. These birds stay with us so they can receive the veterinary care they may need.

Sadly occasionally we receive a bird who has been abused physically and/or mentally, have been long neglected, or may have been abandoned. Most of these birds have anti-social behaviors, aggressive behaviors, or self-mutilating behaviors. Almost always these birds become permanent residents with us. No one here judges them or expects more from them than they are willing to give. They are allowed to progress at the own pace with the hope that someday they may again trust a human. Some may, some probably will never..

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