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"Simon" Quaker Parrot


At about 9 years of age, Simon came to us because she needed a new home. Her former owners had fed her a good seed mix all her life, but only seed and as much as she wanted. Because of her former diet and lack of exercise, Simon was very overweight when she arrived had been a seed junky all her life, and as we began slowly reducing her weight, it was discovered that the layers of fat had been hiding a tumor in her chest area. A full medical workup was done revealing a fatty tumor, suspected due to a thyroid problem as well as a diagnosis of Fatty Liver Disease. Thyroid medication was begun immediately to try and reduce the size of the tumor, along with continued exercise. After much research, we decided to begin a holistic regimen and natural approach to the Fatty Liver Disease. We began adding Milk Thistle and Dandelion daily to Simon's foods. We also began the use of "Missing Link", an omega 3 fatty acid, to help her burn up the fat. We slowly altered her diet in the direction we felt best helped her. She also received "sun" baths each day for about 10 minutes for her jaundice. After about a month we could feel her tumor was beginning to decrease in size, and the jaundiced color of her skin was beginning to look a much healthier color in some areas. Her labored breathing began improving greatly, due to the loss of weight and the birdie aerobics she participates in.

UPDATE: Simon suffered a set back in tumor growth but her tumor, although not completely gone, has reduced in size greatly once again. She will always be on thyroid medication to help control the tumor. She is on a maintenance program of Milk Thistle with Dandelion several days a week as well as Missing Link several times a week. Although she is a very picky little eater, she has decided a select few vegetables and fruits are okay, and an occasional pellet might be eaten. She still has deposits of fat which can be seen through her skin under her wings where she had picked her feathers for so many years before coming to us, the feathers will probably never grow back. Her little legs are also somewhat featherless. We continue to encourage her to try new foods. It is hoped Avian Veterinarians will continue to study Fatty Liver Disease and learn new ways to help these birds live longer and healthier lives

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