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Learning about Sun Conures

Sun Conures are very sweet cuddly birds to have. They are very affectionate and loving to their humans. Sun Conures will usually do a little talking, but we don't rate them as great talkers. Vocabularly is usually from 6-12 words. As with most Conures, Suns can be very vocal. They are great "watch birds" and will let you know whenever anything is out of place or when something new enters the area. If you place them in front of a window, they may scream a warning to let you know when the neighborhood cat crosses the yards, a flock of birds lands in their yard, or even when the local squirrel is out and about. Understanding what motivates their screams often helps to modify the loudness somewhat. However, do not expect a Sun Conure to be a quiet bird so they may not be appropriate for apartments or households where noise is a concern especially if someone works night shifts and needs daytime sleep time. Although they can be loud at times, there is not a more loving fun loving little bird around in our opinion. Hanging from a toe and twirling around in circles is a fun past time for many Suns and hanging upside down, well that's just a normal way to view the world in Sun Land. If you don't mind a little noise, a brilliantly sun of gold is a perfect choice for many people.


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