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"Squiggy" Lutino Peach Faced Lovebird


Squiggy was injured in the nest when only a few days old suffering a broken hip and leg. As bones grow so fast in baby birds, by the time it was discovered, the bones had already began healing in their own way. It was not thought to be in his best interest to do surgery to try and correct the problem. Squiggy grew into a beautiful little yellow fluff ball, with only the minor imperfection that one of his legs stuck out to the side. He was allowed to be flighted as he had problems landing unless he could helicopter down to the surface. He was later given to friends and he spent several happy years with them. There came a time though when Squiggy needed a new home and he came to live with us. In loving memory of Squiggy the lovebird who was never thought to be less than perfect in every way.

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