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Tips for Adding Pellets to the Diet

If your parrot has never eaten pellets before you will need to make absolutely sure your bird knows the new pellets are real food. After all, they may look rather strange and how would he or she really know they are edible. Have you ever tasted a pellet? Most of them taste a lot like cardboard.

Be sure your bird is actually eating the new pellets before you discontinue the old seed diet. If you are just adding some pellets into the diet, along with the current diet, you may need to cut back "some" of any seed mix, to help encourage your bird to eat both seeds and pellets. We do not personally recommend cutting foods such as healthy vegetables and fruits, as these are nutritous and usually a lot of fun for the bird. What parrot doesn't just love to fling a strawberry across the room after he is finished with it?

There is no "one right way" to convince your bird to eat pellets, so here are a few tips that might make it easier for both you and your bird.

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