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Toys Made in the USA

Finding Bird Toys Made in the USA

It's Really Hard to Find Bird Toys that are 100% made in the USA. We are often asked if the toys we sell on our website and in our retail store are all made in the USA. Assuming even a claim by a manufacturer that a toy is "Made in the USA" can sometimes be a little tricky and more a play on words than an actual 100% truthful statement.

Some of our manufacturers import some or all of their toys. Some companies only import some of the parts used in the toys and then assemble the toys in the US so technically they could say their toys are made in the USA if they wanted to. We have a few toy companies that claim "USA Made" but in reality, not all of their toy parts are US manufactured as stated above.

Just because a manufacturer purchases their toy parts in the US, does not necessarily mean all of the parts were actually also made in the US. Purchasing materials in the US and putting them together to make a toy in our mind does not make that toy truly USA Made.

Also, keep in mind that some materials used in some bird toys currently cannot be purchased in the US. For example, vine materials are often imported from India, Palm materials may be from the Philippines, balsa wood originates from Ecuador, seagrass comes from Vietnam, and very often the hardware (quick links and such) used for bird toys today, is made in China or Taiwan.

So unless a manufacturer can "guarantee" all materials used to make their toys are US manufactured, just saying their toys are Made in the USA, does not necessarily mean 100% USA.

We hope that helps answer some questions concerning how and where many bird toys are often made or assembled.

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